How to Get Good Marks in English for SSC CGL 2017 Exam

How to Boost your Score in English Section CGL CHSL 2017 How to make English Strong for IBPS PO Clerk SSC CGL Exam English Section Mar...

How to Boost your Score in English Section CGL CHSL 2017 How to make English Strong for IBPS PO Clerk SSC CGL Exam English Section Marks Booster Tricks How to make English Grammer Vocabulary Strong
English Improvement Tips for Bank/ SSC Exams
Dear SpyNaukari Readers, Many of You Find English section as your weakness or Main Threat in Competitive Exams. English Section is barrier between Success for Many of Students. As the Competition is getting Tough, So Candidates must Possess some Unique Qualities, Dedication & Smart Work. One have to Master in each section for surety of Selection. English is the section which play main Role in deciding Fate of many SSC/ Banking Aspirants. If one can master this section, chance of selection will be Enhanced. So Here in this Article we can discuss, how one can master this Section. It is advisable to Read the Article Slowly & Note down Key Points.
Importance of English Section in Exam :- In Competitive Exams, Main Purpose of English Section is to test candidate’s language Skills and Proficiency. English play Vital role in Final Selection. The Interesting Fact about this section is that It is less time taking & scoring. you can save time for Other Sections by solving this section Fast. Let’s Discuss about Components of English Sections in Bank/ SSC Exams :-
  • BANK PO/ Clerk Exam :- In IBPS/ SBI Bank Exam, Questions will be asked on English Vocab, Grammar, Fill in the Blanks (fillers), Sentence Correction/ Completion, Synonyms, Antonyms, Jumbled Sentences, Finding Error, Cloze Test & Comprehension. These topics covered Whole Syllabus for Bank PO, Clerk Exam.
  • SSC CGL, CHSL Exams :- In SSC CGL, CHSL there are some additional Topics introduced. In SSC Exams, questions will be asked from Spot the error, fill in the blanks, synonyms, antonyms, spelling/detecting mis-spelt words, Sentence Improvement, idioms & phrases, one word substitution, improvement of sentences, Cloze Test, Comprehension. In CGL Tier 2, Additional topics like Direct & Indirect Speech, Active Passive Voice, Sentence Rearrangement, shuffling of sentence parts, shuffling of sentences in a passage.
We can Divide English Section Broadly into four Important Parts. So One have to master these Four Parts to Boost Score in Exams. These Four Parts are :-
  1. Grammar
  2. Reading Comprehension
  3. Verbal Ability
  4. Vocabulary
  1. Main Topics of Grammar Section are Error Spotting, Sentence improvement, Active Passive Voice & Direct Indirect Speech. Beginners can Start with their 10th, 12th Grammar Books OR Wren & Martin Book.
  2. Make Notes of Each Point/ Rule of Grammer. After Completing One Topic Practice questions related to those rules.
  3. Make a Habit of Reading the Hindu Editorial or any Novel of your Interest on Daily Basis.
  4. Try to learn Language Paragraph wise. Try to find Grammar Rules use in that Paragraph/ Editorial.
  5. After One Week (Or as time preferred) revise the Grammar Rules. It must be noted that if you have true knowledge of rules then only you can select right answer. Sometimes elimination Technique is also very Handy.
  6. In Questions of Error Spotting :- A sentence will be provided, and an error has to be identified in the given sentence. Practicing will be of great help to be able to solve these kind of questions with ease.
  7. Another Type is Sentence Improvement :- In this type of question, a sentence will be provided, and a portion of the sentence will be underlined. The requirement will be to choose the correct substitution for the underlined part of the sentence given, from the options available.
  8. For Direct & Indirect Speech, Active Passive Voices :- Master each & every rule. Practice as many as questions you can. Try to take quizzes & Previous Year Questions asked in Exam.
  1. You will find direct questions on the following topics in Bank/ SSC Exams :- Cloze Test (5 or 10 blank passage), Fill in the Blanks (double blanks), Error Spotting Word Association Pair Phrase or Idiom Meaning Spellings.
  2. To build your vocabulary you have to act smartly. Every new thing that you read, whether it be a newspaper or an article or a book, just note down in your vocab notebook and make sure whenever you come across a new word look it up in a dictionary or Google it.
  3. Keep a NOTEBOOK where you note down its meaning, synonyms, antonyms and its usage. Later, try to use these words in sentences of your own to revise the meanings. This practice has the added advantage of helping you enhance your understanding of the context of the passage for Reading Comprehension or Cloze Test. This is important as unlike Grammar rules, which are limited, Vocabulary is an infinitely vast subject. The best you can and should do is prepared at the level that is being tested.
  4. Try out Mnemonic Techniques to remember vocabulary. This is an incredibly powerful way to quickly remember the meanings of often asked words in the exam. Relate the words and their meanings with images and some story.Practice Vocab questions on every day. Bookmark the questions that you got wrong and practice them later to achieve accuracy. Solve questions on Synonyms & Antonyms, Word Association Pair to increase the knowledge of words.
  1. This section consists of a 6 sentence Para jumble with 5 questions based on it, Sentence Rearrangements, Word Rearrangements. This is a relatively easy section and you can practice these questions occasionally.
  2. In these Types of questions try to find First Sentence & Last Sentence. After Solving Read the Full Passage. Be sure it can make sense.
  3. Follow the logic of the passage while answering these questions. Always keep in mind the overall story, as the passage will always tell you a story with a definite beginning, middle and end. Look for connecting words like conjunctions that will help you link the story well.
  1. Reading Comprehension is a lengthy, time consuming but a scoring area. In SSC Exams you may find relatively Short Paragraphs.
  2. You can score good marks in this area by answering the questions based on a passage. The Key thing is that the questions will be directly based on the content of the passage. But you must be alert while choosing the correct option as the options are, sometimes, very similar.
  3. The questions can be mainly Fact-Based and Vocab based. Some questions can also be asked on the Main Idea & Theme of Passage. You may also be asked to draw Inferences based on your understanding of the passage.The passages are of medium length, thus the habit of reading fast and understanding the intent of the passage needs to be developed to minimize the time and maximize the output.
  4. Constant practice will help you achieve accuracy and minimize the time required.Go through tips told here to minimize your mistakes while solving RC. Practice comprehensions from various topics because you never know what kind of topic you are going to face in the paper.
  1. The best way to prepare for this section is to work on the basics of English language and grammar, Time Management is the Key for this Section. You need to answer 25-30 questions in just 15-20 minutes (More in Case of SSC Exams).
  2. You need to gain accuracy and speed by daily practicing this section with a“STOP WATCH”.  You should try to solve at least two section tests and one mock test every day till the day of the exam.
  3. Spend time studying basic rules of Grammar. These rules will help you crack many topics in the paper. Unlike Vocabulary, the rules and concepts are often repeated.
  4. It is advisable if you start with the Vocabulary section first as you can get several marks in one go. Also it is the fastest to get through.
  5. Get to the Reading Comprehension section next. After a quick reading make sure to attempt the fact and vocab based questions in the RC before you attempt the theme/main idea based questions.
  6. The Verbal Ability section should come next because it is relatively easy and scoring.
  7. If your Grammar is weak, attempt it last as it might be a little tricky and hence time consuming.
  8. Read THE HINDU newspaper on a daily basis. This will really help those candidates who need help and improvement with their written and spoken English skills.


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